Client Goals

Redesign client applications

Create and manage user research plan

Analyze customer behavior

Create design plan to serve these needs

Strategy & Delivery

Created and implemented user research plan

Redesigned site based on user feedback

Cherie Lebow Design: Sysomos, Redesign

Client Goals

Create and test prototypes of new web applications

Design and implement new web applications

Strategy & Delivery

Designed and delivered web application prototypes

Conducted usability studies 

Designed final web applications for implementation

Cherie Lebow Design:, Design & Usability
Thomas Basler Designs

Client Goals

Launch new business online

Convert leads from multiple sources

Build awareness and trust

Grow social media awareness

Strategy & Delivery

Designed and delivered website

Created content strategy

Created social media campaign plan


Build social media channels

Implement the SEO strategy

Implement social media campaign plan

Cherie Lebow Design: Tom Basler, Design & SEO
Marin Music

Client Goals

Update existing website

Bring new and repeat customers to website

Generate and convert leads from organic search

Create Adwords campaign

Strategy & Delivery

Redesigned and delivered updated website

Created and implemented SEO strategy

Implemented Adwords campaign


Create Logo and other branding assets

Iterate SEO strategy

Create and implement social media campaign

Cherie Lebow Design: Marin Music Lessons, Design & SEO

Enterprise Clients

Cherie has held many contract and full-time roles with large enterprise clients utilizing her expertise in information architecture, usability research, visual design and interaction design. 


You can view her enterprise porfolio at

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